this is what you did to me and it hurt really bad

from by Spencey Kat

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this is to a girl i used to know and then she hurt me.

this was done in one shot i messed up a couple times dont sue.


i have only one wish for you
let me the shoulder you cry unto
cry yourself to sleep thinking me of me
thinking about all the things we could be

fall head over heels for me and let it get sore
when you think you're done with me come back for more
fall asleep waiting by the phone for me to text you in the morning saying hey i was gone

all the things you hide from the ones you love
tell me about everything because i can do no wrong
even when im busy have me sing you songs
about love and about romance
put my words to you in my mouth for me

do do
do do do do
do do
dee dee dum dum dee

dream of me
become more infatuated than youve been
with anyone in the past
and let me in
to corners you think old and dusty
ill try to prove you wrong
make you feel crummy
accidently i didn't mean it
i just do not feel the same
accidently im so sorry
to have led you on this way
im an accident and im so sorry
could you ever forgive me?
it was an accident and you're still my best friend
i didn't mean to hurt this way





Spencey Kat Indiana

dont pay for my music i suck

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