i dont know how to play or sing or anything

from by Spencey Kat

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the title is accurate to everything about this song and my life.

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all i have is this dumb guitar and this stupid drum that i've had since i was young and i dont know what im doing and i dont know what ive done and its gotten to the point where i cant have any fun

and im pretty sure you hate me more than i hate myself when you put my feelings like a book upon your shelf

well i know that im ridiculous and make some absurd claims but at least my feelings manage to stay the same maybe all this loathing has kept me a little bit sane

im less of a poet more of a thief its true but at least these words might be reaching out to you its the only way i can touch you anymore without feeling your burn

all i know is repetition but can you blame me im in the same track round the sun and every 365 days i feel a little old

my muse is fading i think im done here i hope ive gotten a worm stuck in your ear and i hope it isnt leathal and i hope you can see me soon





Spencey Kat Indiana

dont pay for my music i suck

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